About me

UX/UI Generalist

I'm a Senior Product Designer with 4+ years of experience in tech based in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Photo cred: Nikola Djordjevic @nikoladjordjevic.collective

Rise People

I'm a Senior Product Designer at Rise People where I work on a variety of products from Payroll to Scheduling. As part of the platform team, I focus on building internal and client-facing products to harmonize the platform and enable other teams to build off of our work.

Some notable projects I've worked on include a complete overhaul of the access control system, an in-app notification service, multi-org enablement, and automated journal entries.

Our current objective is to build a centralized reporting and analytics product.


I began my design career at Eventbase as a UI designer, where my main job was to skin the company's white-label app with client assets. As a side project, I built a javascript tool that automated 80% of the theming work, proving myself as a valuable addition to the team.

I was quickly promoted to Product Designer where I worked on several internal tools for configuring client apps and contributed to a complete redesign of the company's native mobile apps and design system.