Parents need a quick and reliable way to book a babysitter when they need a night out, but shouldn’t have to worry about who’s watching their children. Sitterfix is a new startup that helps parents find vetted babysitters and book appointments all through one convenient mobile app. For a class assignment, I was tasked with creating the look and feel for the branding, as well as prototyping a mobile application.


Branding / HIFI Prototyping


Adobe Illustrator, XD


Nov-Dec 2018


Design Brief

As per the fictional client’s description, the target audience are young tech professionals with children. Ideally, the brand should not have a cliche “childish” look and should avoid using gender classifying colors (baby blues and pinks).


The first stage was designing a logo. I decided to go with “Lobster” typeface as I felt the roundness of the font was inviting without being overly childish. Likewise, I used crossed bandages to form the “X” in SitterFix to create a feeling that the sitter would tend to the child in the same tender way the parent would when bandaging a scraped knee.

The client liked the look of the typeface but thought the bandages might inherit the symbolism of a “band-aid solution” or that the children might be at risk. From here, I removed the bandages and went with just a simple wordmark which ultimately pleased the client.


I wanted to create something that was appealing to adults but also friendly and vibrant. I decided to use bright orange as I felt it was both warm and eye-catching but used a dark blue for balance in the logo. I also used turquoise and bluish grey to compliment the orange as the combination felt reminiscent of a candy store.







For the next stage of the project, the client asked to see three different designs for a few of the app screens. I tried to make one extra splashy and colourful, one darker and conservative, and one a little simpler as I felt this would be the best way to demonstrate variety without deviating from the core colour scheme.

Calendar 1

I tried three totally separate interactive styles for the calendar, with the first one having a full month view. I feel like this was the best style as most of the functionality was accessible from one screen. Apart from the month view, users could also see a list view of upcoming and requested dates. Important dates were colour-coded in the month view to match the corresponding list view heading colour. Likewise, time could be blocked off by the sitter by simply selecting the day in the month view and inputting the time needed off. This ended up being the clients favourite of the three.

Calendar 2

For the second calendar, I designed it to be one continuous scroll through the days and months of the year. The client disliked this design as it would take the user a while to scroll through to the next year.

Calendar 3

The final calendar was designed to have a dual-axis scroll where the user can scroll up and down through the months and left to right through the days. The functionality for the design was very well received, however, it was agreed that the necessity for families to book sitters months in advance would likely be infrequent.

Final Prototype

For the final stage of the assignment, I was tasked with building and prototyping the remainder of the app screens for the “Sitter Calendar”. As the parents and sitters would have different functionality, the client wanted to see how a sitter would log in, access, and interact with the calendar.